the Sciatic Nerve

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Did you say SCIATIC NERVE? This is the body’s largest nerve, located in the buttock and is the union of nerves coming out of the last 2 lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum. .

It is mixed, i.e. it conveys the sensitivity of the lower limbs and sends tactile information to the brain (cold, hot …), but it is also a motor by providing the muscles of the lower limbs (ischios behind the thighs, calves, legs) the energy necessary for their contraction. .

Needless to say that without him, walking would become perilous !! .

It can be found “compressed” in the lumbar canal (due to a herniated disc) or stuck in the buttock (piriformis syndrome) or even in the knee (more exactly at the level of the fibula).

Tingling sensations or electric shocks that wake up at night can be triggered! .

Its impairment is clearly demonstrated by the Lasègue test: Hip at 90 degrees, knee and foot in extension. .

Since it originates in the spine, Neuro-Vertebral Decompression (DNV) preserves and protects it by giving it freedom to slide in the canal!

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