Maxime Obadia

Game Ready

The Game Ready system is distinguished by the possibility of applying at the same time two actions particularly indicated in trauma and post-operative treatment: cold and compression (RICE protocol).
This double-action is particularly effective in treating inflammatory phenomena and speeding up the healing process.

The Game Ready system provides cryotherapy at 0oC thanks to a rapid circulation of ice water in anatomical envelopes adapted to each part of the body.
The temperature immediately drops to 0oC in the envelope to lower the body temperature very quickly between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius.
The rapid circulation of water allows for intense and constant cold during the treatment period. Compression helps to accentuate deep penetration into the tissues and optimally match the anatomy of the treated limb.

De facon simultanée, le Game Ready va appliquer une compression graduelle et intermittente réglable de 0 à 75mm Hg :

  • The therapist chooses at the beginning of the protocols the desired maximum pressure level)
  • This level is achieved gradually and intermittently (alternation of compression phase and decompression)
  • At the 15mm HG level, particularly indicated on post-operative edemas, the slight compression will be applied more consistently to promote continuous penetration of the cold deep into the tissues.

L'association du froid et de la compression dynamique permet notamment de :

  • Reduce pain, muscle spasms and swelling
  • Reduce metabolic activity and inflammatory reaction and thus limit the spread of the lesion
  • Reproduce muscle contractions and have a pumping effect on edema
  • Boosting tissue healing
  • Increase blood flow and oxygen supply to injured tissues
  • Promote the recovery of the lymphatic system of the injured area

The use of Game Ready is particularly effective when the sessions are performed immediately after the trauma or surgery which helps to contain injury and edema and thus decrease the rehabilitation time.
A more intense, diffuse and durable cold… dynamic compression multiplies cold application
The Game Ready allows for prolonged cold application (sessions of 15 to 30 minutes) throughout the injured area.
Dynamic compression facilitates this prolonged cold application in perfect patient comfort and allows optimal adherement to the limb surface.
The envelopes are designed to circulate water over the entire surface, resulting in diffuse cold.
The measurements shown on the right are expressed in skin surface degree and were taken immediately after 30 minutes of treatment and then 10 and 30 minutes later.

Les différences Game Ready :

  • The continuous and rapid circulation of ice water allows for a constant cold during the treatment period without the water heating up with body heat.
  • Dynamic compression avoids the risk of frostbite associated with static compression.
  • The anatomical envelopes have been designed to cover a wide area around each muscle, bone or joint: ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist, hip, wrist, hand… (link to product/anatomical envelopes).
  • Each envelope is designed to circulate water over the entire surface, resulting in a diffuse cold over the entire area.
  • Easy to use and ease of application: after selecting the pressure level and treatment time, the treatment is carried out autonomously in perfect patient comfort (the feeling of cold is diminished by dynamic compression).
  • Transportable: With the specially adapted bag and battery (7 hours of battery life), you can take Game Ready on your travels and use it on the field, in the locker room or on the bus.
  • Cold and adjustable pressure level: The ability to adjust the pressure and cold allows you to adapt the sessions according to the needs and the feeling of each patient and thus be able to use it for multiple indications.

L'unité de contrôle Game Ready vous permet de définir les paramètres d'utilisation de l'appareil : temps de traitement, niveau de pression ( 0 à 75 mmHg maximum), température.

3 niveaux de pression :

  • High: Compression gradually increasing to 75mmHG in 2 minutes and decompression in 1 minute
  • Medium: Compression gradually increasing to 50mmHG in 2 minutes and decompression in 1 minute
  • Low: 5 minutes of compression at 15mmHG and then one minute of decompression (especially indicated in immediate post-operative treatment)
  • Zero: The device will diffuse the cold to 0oC without any compressionThe temperature is adjustable using the calf located to the right of the control screen (temperature control on the control screen).
    The device alone weighs 3.6 kg and can therefore be easily transported from one room to another.

Les enveloppes sont composées de deux éléments :

  • The double room technical part (one room for cold and one for pressure)
  • The cover that is fully removable and machine washable

The room dedicated to the cold is composed of a circuit through which the ice water circulates. This circuit hugs the entire surface of the envelope, allowing for a diffuse and homogeneous cold throughout the area.
The air chamber is powered by a compressor and regulated by a back-control measuring the pressure level in the room. This process results in adjustable and progressive compression and decompression.
The covers are nylon and are disinfectable and washable.