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Is your head clamped like a vice? Throbbing pains that make “boom, boom…” without stopping, eventually forcing us to lock ourselves in the dark in bed, with an ice pack !!!

Know that the structure that is hurting and giving you a headache is called the dura. It is located just under the skull, thin, it encompasses our brain to nourish and protect it, and is part of the 3 meninges, the outermost.

If she doesn’t get enough of the nutrients she needs for proper vascularity, she will eventually become inflamed and create local vasodilation. A muscular temporal defense reaction sets in, pressing on the temples.

Once again it is at the level of the column and more precisely at the level of the cervical spine, that we must look for the origin of the problem! It is a real highway by which the oxygenated blood travels to the hard- mother!

Indeed, the vertebral arteries, right and left, in the transverse holes, and the internal carotid arteries, right and left, will join to form the famous polygon of Willis. They get “squeezed” when the neck is stiff, and often on one side only, causing these notorious migraines, which take up half of the head.

On the other hand, the superior cervical ganglion of the orthosympathetic chain is also found “pinched” at the junction between the head and the neck (between the long muscle of the neck and the transverse processes of the 2nd and 3rd cervical vertebrae), and will trigger inflammation of the dura that causes headaches!

Doing Cervical Neuro-Vertebral Decompression (DNV) helps to ensure good spacing of all these structures, vascular, nerve, tendon, and ligament, which make up our neck!

Do not wait, let’s respect our body and ensure good mechanics because it does us a lot of service!

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