The vagus nerve

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Quèsaco vagus nerve? It is the longest nerve in the autonomic nervous system (which is not controlled by our will), hence its name …
Thus, it allows us to breathe by contracting our bronchi, to digest, to sweat, and even to speak !!!

It is part of the system called parasympathetic, it is also called the pneumogastric nerve, and allows us to regulate mainly:
• our heart rate by decreasing our beats during sustained efforts
• acidic secretions from the stomach for a good mixing of the food bolus after a heavy meal, but also the contraction of the smooth muscle fibers of the intestines for a good transit!
• phonation for the emission of different sounds (by innervating the muscles of the pharynx and the soft palate) for the more talkative
• it also regulates our blood pressure (by innervating the adrenal glands)
• it acts finally on the hormonal secretions of the thyroid, our biological clock.

In short, you will understand, it is such an essential nerve that it would take dozens of pages to describe the importance of its functions!

There are 2, right and left, they are part of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves, which come out at the level of the holes in the base of the skull.

They correspond to the 10th pair of cranial nerves, which is why it is often seen written as an X in a Roman numeral.
It comes out more exactly at a hole behind the ear called the jugular foramen, and descends into the neck along the internal jugular vein.

Thus, cervical Neuro-Vertebral Decompression (DNV) to prevent compression of the cervical vertebrae will thus preserve the sliding of this large nerve and its contingents in such a narrow area as the neck, to fully ensure all its vital functions for our body.


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