The Psoas

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Did you say ILIO-PSOAS MUSCLES? Being located in the lower abdomen, there are 2: 1 on the right and 1 on the left.

They are deep, under our rectus abdominis muscles, and therefore, are not of great aesthetic interest !!!

Yet it is THE MOST IMPORTANT MUSCLE in our body !!!

It is the only one that connects the trunk to the lower limb, without it standing is impossible. It must alone counteract the action of the powerful antagonistic muscles of the back. (square of the loins, ilio-costal …)

It is called the “garbage” muscle because it stores all metabolic waste from the muscles of the lower limbs through the iliac vein which receives oxygen-poor venous blood from the femoral veins to redistribute it in the inferior vena cava to the liver!

Finally, it allows us to manage our daily stress, because it is in continuity with the pillars of the diaphragm that control our breathing.

In short, you will understand, they have a major biomechanical role and essential for good posture!

If one of the 2 psoas works more than the other, it will eventually shift the trunk, then the shoulders, hence the importance of working them well and stretching them symmetrically …

Its contractions are controlled by the femoral nerves from the first 3 lumbar vertebrae, once again, the lumbar Neuro-Vertebral Decompression (DNV), but also the DNV of the hips can help you stretch them symmetrically and smoothly !!!

Don’t wait, a well-functioning body is a well-functioning mind

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