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Support and mutuals


Do you want to practice osteopathy sessions that weigh heavily on your portfolio?You are wondering if consultations and sessions can be covered by supplementary insurance. Find out what role complementary health is, how it works as the conditions for benefiting from osteopathy coverage.

Why complementary health insurance?

Osteopathy costs are not reimbursed at all by social security, whatever the medical reasons that lead us to practice them, yet this care turns out to be very expensive. Thus, in order to compensate for this absence of social security, the assumption of a supplementary health care is necessary to reimburse in full or partially these expenses.

How it works ?

Not all mutuals accept the reimbursement of osteopathy, but some mutuals who recognize the benefits of his practice are willing to take care of them.

Coverage can be done in two ways:

  • A lump sum refund, it is fixed annually and per person.
  • Refund per session, it is refunded based on the number of sessions that may be limited.

The conditions for receiving a refund?

The conditions are not very different from reimbursements for the practice of alternative medicines.

First, the osteopath consulted must be a professional, i.e. a graduate in osteopathy.

Secondly, the meeting or consultation must be accompanied by an invoice that must be submitted to your mutual insurance when requesting reimbursement.

Despite the fact that some mutuals refuse to reimburse the costs in osteopathy and others if, the mutual insurance that supports this care remains numerous in the market and other care can be included in the proposed formula, but it depends on each organization and the offers are very variable depending on each insurance. It is therefore up to the insured future to choose the supplementary insurance that best suits him.

  • The consultation fee is 90 euros. The payment is made by cheque, cash and bank card. We provide you with a mutual reimbursement sheet to send directly to your complementary health organization.
  • Although demand is high and some complementary health care refuses to cover these two positions, there are certain mutual insurance that cover these two care, so it is up to the future purchaser to find the right one. Comparators exist on the internet to help you easily find one that suits you best.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of mutual funds reimbursing Osteopathy acts:

Download the list of mutuals here