Maxime Obadia


It is a vibration therapy that accompanies osteopathic treatment, especially when the osteopath does not find a way to mobilize a joint, because of a muscle lock too large.

The Hypervolt Plus is the latest Hyperice innovation of wireless percussion self-massage pistol with the most powerful engine for a self-massage gun. It is twice as powerful as the classic Hypervolt thanks to its 90W engine.

It facilitates the manipulation of Osteopathy by allowing the patient to:

-Recovering faster from pain

-Relieve persistent muscle stiffness and contractions

-Increase the range of motion of its joints

-Improving blood and lymphatic circulation of the limbs

-Decluttering the soft tissues of the body

It allows, thanks to its 5 interchangeable heads, to adapt to the area to work:

1- Ball, to work a larger muscle area, and has a better fixation for the muscles of the upper and lower limbs

2- Fork, to work specifically on cervical joint facets

3- Flat head, to work smaller surfaces such as patellar tendons

4- Rounded tip to work a wider area, such as hamstrings

5- Head with cushioning to work the more sensitive areas (Nuque, wrist…)