Maxime Obadia


Obadia is now equipped with DIERS’ Formetric 4D analysis system, which is a patented system.

It allows you to measure the position of your body in space thanks to the ultra-modern photometry technique. It is accurate to the tenth degree and millimeter near, taking pictures over 6 and 10 seconds, and records 50 frames per second, making it the most sophisticated imaging technique on the market.

It is a non-irradiating procedure, which has been studied for 25 years in association with various universities in biomechanics, to detect or follow scolioses in children before or during puberty, without harmful X-rays.

This optical imaging is fast and allows to evaluate its posture in static standing: this is the posturo-functional evaluation.

The patient is standing on a barometric plate, which measures the distribution of foot pressure on the ground.

We can thus highlight “vertebral deformities” with the type of slips and/or inclinations and/or rotations of vertebrae, but also a possible shift of the pelvis and/or shoulders and advice is given to you. Thus, a balance of the position of your back in the 3 planes of space is given to you: it is the postural balance sheet.


Children from 4 to 9 years old

  • Screening for scolioses.
  • Oral para-functions.
  • Walking problems (frequent falls, internal rotations…). 
  • School and attention disorders (dyslexia…).

Children from 11 to 17 years old

  • Screening and follow-up of scolioses.
  • Preventing all disorders
  • Treatment of growth pathologies (Osgood-Schlatter…).
  • Dental joint disorders – school disorders and oculomotors.


  • Joint mechanical pain (spine, lower limbs).
  • Dizziness, instability, headache – chronic fatigue – poor sleep.
  • Difficulties in concentration. Other indications.
  • Non-compliance with drug treatments (back pain).
  • Contraindications to usual or surgical treatments.


  • Systematically, even without symptoms, as a preventive, osteo-articular.